Practical Genius: The Real Smarts You Need to Get Your Talents and Passions Working for You,Nestor, Theo Pauline

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Most people consider genius to be a gift, a ƒ??lightning bolt from the godsƒ? that strikes people like Einstein or Mozart, but not the rest of us. They see it as a qualityƒ??like creativityƒ??that has a magical, exclusive, elusive connotation.

That is simply not true, says Gina Rudan. Every one of us has a capacity for genius. Anyone is capable of achieving something so extraordinary that it could change the game for you, your business, and every aspect of your life. In Practical Genius, Rudan shows you how to:

ƒ?› Identify your genius

ƒ?› Express it in everyday life

ƒ?› Surround yourself with genius

ƒ?› Sustain genius for a lifetime of personal and professional satisfaction

ƒ?› Market your genius to others

Each stage features exercises to guide you along the way, leaving you feeling accomplished and ready for the next stage. The outcome is a profound revelation: You have the tools and ability to realize greatness both in and out of the workplace.


Forget what you think you know about genius. Itƒ??s not about having a Mensa I.Q. or painting the Sistine Chapel. Everyoneƒ??s got genius, but itƒ??s up to you to find it, put it to work, and watch it change your life. With the help of Practical Genius, you will:

Identify your genius. Where do your passions and your talents meet? (page 23)

Express your genius. Whatƒ??s your story, and how do you share it with others? (page 57)

Surround yourself with genius. Who do you need in your tribe? (page 93)

Sustain your genius. How do you feed and care for your genius? (page 135)

Market your genius. Why are your contradictions actually your largest competitive advantage? (page 165)

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