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Bicara 3.0 Forums b-career and entrepreneurship am i Crazy? : Entrepreneur and the sociopath

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    [5:49 PM, 5/9/2019] Je: Okay, lets be real, name one well-known successful entrepreneur who hasn’t hurt anyone in his closest circle? or worse, has burned some important bridges of theirs? yeap, we are crazy. like it or not, intentionally or not, it still happened in our life. in some occasion, we are force to burn it, otherwise it will grow like cancer. and that solidifies our nuttiness a.k.a. sociopath, as in “why would you sever that important ties for you?” regardless whether it is you or not you the one who cut it off, the world still pointing the gun on you, cause, (again) you’re the center of the spotlight now. it is a very new concept to me, “when you’re on top, people are waiting for you to flop, not necessarily they compete against you, they just love to see you flop for their entertainment. well-learned.

    now, my turn to clarify; 1, we are just another being who inhale oxygen exhale carbon-dioxide just like you. 2. even if we happen to be more obsessive, aggressive, at some way creative, not all of us are egotistic, heartless, maniac. we are just a flawful person that can’t get away from your judgement. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t Judge you as the bad guy, i just try to portray the picture of the other side you might haven’t seen.

    so put it in the perspectives, how many of you enjoy the scary movie about Fyre Festival, and Theranos. I dont try to defend them here, but we can deny how we enjoy the not so true additional facts that the media brought in just to make a poin that they are very lunatic and obsessive of their success, from the way she dress up, or the way she dreamt when she was a kid. all those well-calculated actions, manners, statements they have made may be wrong, but doesn’t translate that they were born evil.

    i always wish there is the room for them to at least “MALEVICIENT-IZE” their bad did to at least put them look more human like you too, we made mistakes, but may be some did in a bigger scale that the consequences inevitable. and the “MALEVICIENT-IZATION” is not to justify what they have done, but at least to reckon their initial good intention and or mission. or may be they are just a Grown-baby like us that happened to make incurable mistakes. but still, we still can learn the positive side of their obsession, and their intention, cause otherwise, we are the sociopath who are very sure that there is the true evil in this world and we can always play the victim card anywhere we go.

    i am aware i might took too extreme example in this writing process. but lets imagine the world that these people managed to prove what they believe in this world, you won’t see them sociopath, you will see them as the Hero. the way you see Mark Zuckerberg in contrast of the statement of his ex-cofounder. or the team that once supported Bezo, or Steve Jobs. we start to see the other half of their success is the crazy one. is it really tho?

    What i am trying to say is that, it may be true that some of those successful or unsuccessful entrepreneurs are crazy, or drown too deep in their obsession, but doesn’t make them a full sociopath or full evil as we wish they are just for the sake of entertaining our hunger of drama.

    May be it also apply on Genghis Khan or Mao ZeDong scenario, or Aung San Suu kyi, or even Gandhi. I don’t know, and i am sorry if i put a wrong example, i just try to say that may be, all the evilness or the angelness that media overly portray about both side of the world, are not fully true, and regardless the consequences that have been made by them, they still deserve that room for them to clarify, or at least they deserve your not-so-judgmental-part of your heart, or a little skepticism of what media and the world have talked about them. thus we all can peacefully breath the air like a normal human being, complete with the goods and the bads as well as the flaws and the perfections we have.


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