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Aku Untuk Indonesiaku 2019

3 years ago
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Date(s) - 23/05/2019 - 25/05/2019

Universitas Kristen Petra


Aku Untuk Indonesiaku or AUI is a national debate competition held in Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya annually. Its participants come from universities across Indonesia. It aims to contribute to the country by promoting open-mindedness and critical thinking through debate.

This year, AUI’s theme is “Harmony in Diversity.” This theme is chosen to reflect the convenor’s hope to promote acceptance and peace amidst the differences in this election year. It also celebrates the minority while having some laughs by adorning the motion slides with Chinese characters and Chinese songs that led to the motion in every round.

The Adjudication Core of AUI 2019 consisted of Sandy Sanjaya from Universitas Gadjah Mada and Vincentius Michael from Institut Teknologi Bandung. The motions cover a lot of areas like feminism, environment, entertainment, philosophy, international relations, and others. Everything was up to date in the hope of exchanging new insights and ideas about current events in the world.

AUI 2019 is supported by and Sosro. It was successfully held on 23rd-25th May 2019 in UK Petra’s newest building and was participated by 42 teams. After 2 days of debating, the committee announced the result using balloons that should be popped by the participants.

UGM AS (Syagung and Astrid) emerged as the champion, UGM Karung Goni (Hanum and Firstolia) was the first runner-up, ITB A (Salsafia and Lidia) was the second runner-up, and UGM C (Haikal and Nabila) became the third runner-up. Syagung from UGM AS also got the Best Speaker award.

Full Tabulation for Aku Untuk Indonesiaku 2019 can be accessed in:


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