English Fiesta 2019

English Fiesta 2019 is an English Debating Competition held in Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. It was organized by EDS-ILF UMM. Its participants comes from different cities/regencies (even from outside East Java Province). English Fiesta aims to be a platform for high school students to train their critical thinking and public speaking through parliamentary debating.

This year’s theme was “Step Out of Your Box: Snatch the Spotlight”.

The adjudication core of English Fiesta 2019 consisted of  Mohammad Rizqi Isnurhadi (UGM Alumnae), Annisa Rizqi Kusumasari (UB) and Safira Ichwanti (UMM). The motion covers various timely topics such as education, politics and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a recap before watching the upcoming Avengers: Endgame next week!

The grand final of English Fiesta is held in 21st April, which is Kartini Day. The motion debated in grand final was “this house regrets the culture of overly celebrating women’s success in STEM”. The motion was inspired by the recent debates surrounding Katie Bouman.

It was an interesting debate between SMAN 1 Sidoarjo A versus SMAN 3 Surakarta.

Finally, SMAN 3 Surakarta emerged as the champion while SMAN 1 Sidoarjo A was the 1st Runner Up and SMAN 1 Sidoarjo B was the 2nd Runner Up. Ryan Kusnadi of SMAN 3 Surakarta grabbed the Best Speaker title in the tournament.

Bukubule held a literature trivia during the competition. The winners of the trivia received voucher for book shopping in Bukubule.

The full tabulation and motion of English Fiesta can be accessed here.

Aku Untuk Indonesiaku 2019

Aku Untuk Indonesiaku or AUI is a national debate competition held in Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya annually. Its participants come from universities across Indonesia. It aims to contribute to the country by promoting open-mindedness and critical thinking through debate.

This year, AUI’s theme is “Harmony in Diversity.” This theme is chosen to reflect the convenor’s hope to promote acceptance and peace amidst the differences in this election year. It also celebrates the minority while having some laughs by adorning the motion slides with Chinese characters and Chinese songs that led to the motion in every round.

The Adjudication Core of AUI 2019 consisted of Sandy Sanjaya from Universitas Gadjah Mada and Vincentius Michael from Institut Teknologi Bandung. The motions cover a lot of areas like feminism, environment, entertainment, philosophy, international relations, and others. Everything was up to date in the hope of exchanging new insights and ideas about current events in the world.

AUI 2019 is supported by Bicara.co and Sosro. It was successfully held on 23rd-25th May 2019 in UK Petra’s newest building and was participated by 42 teams. After 2 days of debating, the committee announced the result using balloons that should be popped by the participants.

UGM AS (Syagung and Astrid) emerged as the champion, UGM Karung Goni (Hanum and Firstolia) was the first runner-up, ITB A (Salsafia and Lidia) was the second runner-up, and UGM C (Haikal and Nabila) became the third runner-up. Syagung from UGM AS also got the Best Speaker award.

Full Tabulation for Aku Untuk Indonesiaku 2019 can be accessed in: https://aui2019.herokuapp.com/aui2019/

Bawor Cup 2018

After 5 years hiatus, Bawor Cup had been successfully conducted again in 2018. The event was conducted in UBAYA Tenggilis Campus, 10-13th May 2018. This year’s Bawor Cup is designed to empower novice debaters from all around Indonesia. This year’s winner and runner-up received a sponsorship to compete in Taylor’s Debate Open 2018 in Malaysia. The competition is adj-cored by two prominent debaters, Ahmad Kushay from ITB and Dhanny Lazuardi from UGM.

After three days of tiring debate, it was decided that SMAN 2 Tangsel (Joshua Karel Riantoputra and Fakhri Al Mughni) is the champion of Bawor Cup, while UNAIR (Devi Salsabila and Olivia Firsta Flora Cantika) emerged as the runner-up. They are the two teams that had received the sponsorship to compete in Taylor’s Debate Open 2018.

In Taylor’s Debate Open 2018, SMAN 2 Tangsel won the Novice Category, while UNAIR finished as Grand-finalist of the same category. Bicara.co crew congratulates these two teams for their performance in Taylor’s Debate Open 2018.

Full tabulation of Bawor Cup 2018 can be accessed in https://bawor18.herokuapp.com/

WUPID 2017

Bicara - WUPID Indonesia

World Universities Peace Invitational Debate or WUPID is a prestigious, competitive international debating event held in Malaysia annually. It aims to promote open mindedness and critical thinking, and increases participation of youth in peace-related issues through debate.

For the past year, Indonesia has participated in QIUP WUPID through BAWOR Cup. This year, bicara.co, in cooperation with WUPID Council, will officially held an Indonesian tournament of WUPID, named WUPID Indonesia. This will act as the audition to select 2 best teams (first breaking and champion) to represent Indonesia for QIUP WUPID in Quest International University of Perak, Malaysia.

WUPID Indonesia is a joint effort of a lot of partners, including bicara.co as hosts, Sampoerna University as organizers, and supported by Campaign.comKompas.com, The Jakarta Post, Provoke! Magazine, GNFI, Republika, What’s New Jakarta and akutahu.com. We also acknowledge Quest International University of Perak, Malaysia as the host of QIUP WUPID and for supporting WUPID Indonesia with great Adjudication Core

WUPID 2017 was successfully held in Sampoerna University, 14th-15th October 2017 and was participated by 24 teams. After 2 days of debating, UI C (Ibrahim and Aldwin) emerged as the champion and secured a slot in QIUP WUPID along with the first breaking team, UGM B (Sandy and Syagung).

Full Tabulation for WUPID Indonesia 2017 can be accessed in http://bit.ly/WUPID17Tab