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English Fiesta 2019

English Fiesta 2019 is an English Debating Competition held in Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. It was organized by EDS-ILF UMM. Its participants comes from different cities/regencies (even from outside East Java Province). English Fiesta aims to be a platform for high school students to train their critical thinking and public speaking through parliamentary debating. This year’s theme was “Step […]

Aku Untuk Indonesiaku 2019

Aku Untuk Indonesiaku or AUI is a national debate competition held in Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya annually. Its participants come from universities across Indonesia. It aims to contribute to the country by promoting open-mindedness and critical thinking through debate. This year, AUI’s theme is “Harmony in Diversity.” This theme is chosen to reflect the convenor’s […]

Bawor Cup 2018

After 5 years hiatus, Bawor Cup had been successfully conducted again in 2018. The event was conducted in UBAYA Tenggilis Campus, 10-13th May 2018. This year’s Bawor Cup is designed to empower novice debaters from all around Indonesia. This year’s winner and runner-up received a sponsorship to compete in Taylor’s Debate Open 2018 in Malaysia. […]

WUPID 2017

World Universities Peace Invitational Debate or WUPID is a prestigious, competitive international debating event held in Malaysia annually. It aims to promote open mindedness and critical thinking, and increases participation of youth in peace-related issues through debate. For the past year, Indonesia has participated in QIUP WUPID through BAWOR Cup. This year, bicara.co, in cooperation […]