English Fiesta 2019

English Fiesta 2019 is an English Debating Competition held in Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. It was organized by EDS-ILF UMM. Its participants comes from different cities/regencies (even from outside East Java Province). English Fiesta aims to be a platform for high school students to train their critical thinking and public speaking through parliamentary debating.

This year’s theme was “Step Out of Your Box: Snatch the Spotlight”.

The adjudication core of English Fiesta 2019 consisted of  Mohammad Rizqi Isnurhadi (UGM Alumnae), Annisa Rizqi Kusumasari (UB) and Safira Ichwanti (UMM). The motion covers various timely topics such as education, politics and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a recap before watching the upcoming Avengers: Endgame next week!

The grand final of English Fiesta is held in 21st April, which is Kartini Day. The motion debated in grand final was “this house regrets the culture of overly celebrating women’s success in STEM”. The motion was inspired by the recent debates surrounding Katie Bouman.

It was an interesting debate between SMAN 1 Sidoarjo A versus SMAN 3 Surakarta.

Finally, SMAN 3 Surakarta emerged as the champion while SMAN 1 Sidoarjo A was the 1st Runner Up and SMAN 1 Sidoarjo B was the 2nd Runner Up. Ryan Kusnadi of SMAN 3 Surakarta grabbed the Best Speaker title in the tournament.

Bukubule held a literature trivia during the competition. The winners of the trivia received voucher for book shopping in Bukubule.

The full tabulation and motion of English Fiesta can be accessed here.

Aku Untuk Indonesiaku 2019

Aku Untuk Indonesiaku or AUI is a national debate competition held in Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya annually. Its participants come from universities across Indonesia. It aims to contribute to the country by promoting open-mindedness and critical thinking through debate.

This year, AUI’s theme is “Harmony in Diversity.” This theme is chosen to reflect the convenor’s hope to promote acceptance and peace amidst the differences in this election year. It also celebrates the minority while having some laughs by adorning the motion slides with Chinese characters and Chinese songs that led to the motion in every round.

The Adjudication Core of AUI 2019 consisted of Sandy Sanjaya from Universitas Gadjah Mada and Vincentius Michael from Institut Teknologi Bandung. The motions cover a lot of areas like feminism, environment, entertainment, philosophy, international relations, and others. Everything was up to date in the hope of exchanging new insights and ideas about current events in the world.

AUI 2019 is supported by Bicara.co and Sosro. It was successfully held on 23rd-25th May 2019 in UK Petra’s newest building and was participated by 42 teams. After 2 days of debating, the committee announced the result using balloons that should be popped by the participants.

UGM AS (Syagung and Astrid) emerged as the champion, UGM Karung Goni (Hanum and Firstolia) was the first runner-up, ITB A (Salsafia and Lidia) was the second runner-up, and UGM C (Haikal and Nabila) became the third runner-up. Syagung from UGM AS also got the Best Speaker award.

Full Tabulation for Aku Untuk Indonesiaku 2019 can be accessed in: https://aui2019.herokuapp.com/aui2019/

The $64 Tomato: How One Man Nearly Lost His Sanity, Spent a Fortune, and Endured an Existential Crisis in the Quest for the Perfect Garden

Bawor Cup 2018

After 5 years hiatus, Bawor Cup had been successfully conducted again in 2018. The event was conducted in UBAYA Tenggilis Campus, 10-13th May 2018. This year’s Bawor Cup is designed to empower novice debaters from all around Indonesia. This year’s winner and runner-up received a sponsorship to compete in Taylor’s Debate Open 2018 in Malaysia. The competition is adj-cored by two prominent debaters, Ahmad Kushay from ITB and Dhanny Lazuardi from UGM.

After three days of tiring debate, it was decided that SMAN 2 Tangsel (Joshua Karel Riantoputra and Fakhri Al Mughni) is the champion of Bawor Cup, while UNAIR (Devi Salsabila and Olivia Firsta Flora Cantika) emerged as the runner-up. They are the two teams that had received the sponsorship to compete in Taylor’s Debate Open 2018.

In Taylor’s Debate Open 2018, SMAN 2 Tangsel won the Novice Category, while UNAIR finished as Grand-finalist of the same category. Bicara.co crew congratulates these two teams for their performance in Taylor’s Debate Open 2018.

Full tabulation of Bawor Cup 2018 can be accessed in https://bawor18.herokuapp.com/

WUPID 2017

Bicara - WUPID Indonesia

World Universities Peace Invitational Debate or WUPID is a prestigious, competitive international debating event held in Malaysia annually. It aims to promote open mindedness and critical thinking, and increases participation of youth in peace-related issues through debate.

For the past year, Indonesia has participated in QIUP WUPID through BAWOR Cup. This year, bicara.co, in cooperation with WUPID Council, will officially held an Indonesian tournament of WUPID, named WUPID Indonesia. This will act as the audition to select 2 best teams (first breaking and champion) to represent Indonesia for QIUP WUPID in Quest International University of Perak, Malaysia.

WUPID Indonesia is a joint effort of a lot of partners, including bicara.co as hosts, Sampoerna University as organizers, and supported by Campaign.comKompas.com, The Jakarta Post, Provoke! Magazine, GNFI, Republika, What’s New Jakarta and akutahu.com. We also acknowledge Quest International University of Perak, Malaysia as the host of QIUP WUPID and for supporting WUPID Indonesia with great Adjudication Core

WUPID 2017 was successfully held in Sampoerna University, 14th-15th October 2017 and was participated by 24 teams. After 2 days of debating, UI C (Ibrahim and Aldwin) emerged as the champion and secured a slot in QIUP WUPID along with the first breaking team, UGM B (Sandy and Syagung).

Full Tabulation for WUPID Indonesia 2017 can be accessed in http://bit.ly/WUPID17Tab

A Shocking Result: Pollution as A Mass-Murderer

Let’s face it, death can come at us at every moment, including when we are driving, eating, or even just leisurely sitting around, having fun with friends and family. According to National Safety Council, more than 5,000 people died from choking in 2015. However, when asked what is the primary cause of death, traffic accidents and murders might be the ones taking the spotlight, seeing that they made headlines of various newspapers everyday. The thing is, they are not.

Another deadly phenomenon that poses even higher risks to causing one’s life-expectancy to reduce, or even results in death, is an occurrence that we might be getting used to seeing: pollution. The Association for Safe International Road Travel in their Road Crash Statistics states that nearly 1.3 million deaths each year are caused by road crashes. Nevertheless, Global Burden of Disease Project mentions that over 5.5 million people worldwide dies prematurely due to air pollution, and that is only air pollution. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has given a statement in a report, saying that environmental pollution kills 1.7 million children in the span of one year. Just how bad is the pollution around us, exactly?

Figure 2. Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/2d/0b/76/2d0b76fab6e881dc968246ca3ac68a57.jpg

Kids in London have to wear masks to avoid being directly harmed further by the air pollution from traffics; smokes have engulfed a portion of China, particularly the metropolis of Beijing, driving some families to leave the city for a healthier environment, and a few days ago, the city of Barcelona plans to ban cars older than 20 years-old from the roads to cut traffic in order to lessen the air pollution; smog, also known as the black cloud, has been looming over the skies of Cairo for more two decades, and that is caused by farmers piling up straws before burning them altogether. Therefore, we now know that pollution is not simply a problem in two to five mega-cities; it is a problem of the world.

What can pollution do to us? Inhaling the polluted air may increase the risk for various respiratory diseases, mainly asthma. The lung is most likely harmed after hours of exposure to the polluted air, and this can cause internal inflammations. Worst of all, a substance named carcinogen can reside in the unclean air and water, and that substance can cause that one disease that everybody fears: cancer. In a polluted environment, let’s say water, animals can drink the water, become sick, and then if those animals are served into palatable dishes to us, we just might suffer from numerous diseases. From the immune system to reproductive systems, our body is highly susceptible to health problems caused by polluted environments. In the case of children, since their immune systems are still developing, they are even more vulnerable to the detrimental effects caused by smokes and unclean water; in fact, that 1.7 million deaths published by WHO accounts for a quarter of the worldwide deaths for children under five.

Figure 3. Source: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1445132/images/o-CHINA-SMOG-facebook.jpg

WHO health expert, Maria Neira, says to improve water quality and using cleaner fuels are necessary to improve the situation, resulting in health benefits, she believes that the government should facilitate the policies against pollution to make the cities safer for children, and we cannot agree more. When stepping outside only to be greeted by stinging smokes, going to the riverside to see brown, black waters with plastics floating around, the world seems to be an entirely different planet, and we sure don’t want that.

What do you think about this astonishing revelation? Should resolving the issues of pollution be the government’s primary priority at the moment? Let us know in the comments below!


A Company Just ‘Printed’ A House with Its 3D Printing Technology

Recently, we have talked about how it will be possible to perform human organ-transplants using the technology of 3D Printing, but just a few days ago, a company just printed an ENTIRE HOUSE. Yes, that’s right, they printed an entire house; one that can be lived in, by using a massive 3D Printer. How do they do it? What does it look like? How much does it cost? We will answer those questions right away!

Let us get to know who is the one responsible in achieving this feat beforehand. Apis Cor, a San Francisco-based 3D Printing company specializing in printing whole buildings on site with their mobile 3D Printer. With the desire to automate the world (no, it certainly doesn’t sound like a supervillain’s scheme), the company’s founder, Nikita Chen-yun-tai even said that the company is ready to be the first in building on Mars. With such a bold statement, there is a lot to be proven, but very recently, the company has done just that.

Figure 2. Source: http://cdn-image.travelandleisure.com/sites/default/files/styles/1600×1000/public/videos/3dprintedhome_0.jpg?itok=X5AJqlrp

In Stupino, Moscow, the world’s first house to be printed entirely on-site, without having the needs to assemble parts of the walls and such, has been achieved. Boasting a unique design and construction method, the building certainly does not look like it was created mostly by a massive 3D Printing crane. Although the installation of doors and windows were done by humans, the fact that Apis Cor’s 3D Printer managed to print the entire 38 square-meter establishment (save for the roof and paint) without the installations in just about 24 hours is astounding. What about its interior? Its seemingly curvy design is accommodated with Samsung’s sophisticated appliances. Insulation? TechnoNICOL assisted in the insulation with their experience in the market since 1992.  The cost? US$ 10,134.

Figure 3. Source: http://www.designboom.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/apis-cor-3d-printed-house-stupino-designboom-02.jpg

With such a price, it might not be an exaggeration to say that the price of residences might be getting more affordable with the utilization of such printing-technology. Moreover, Apis Cor claims that the 3D printed building can last for approximately 175 years! Sure enough, this technology is still in development, but when a fully-fledged residence has already been established when the innovation is still this new, it is inevitable for people to assume and wonder its capabilities in the future.

Here is to see how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkAbOMDZS2w

Since constructions of the roof, windows, doors, and such still require the skills of human, it is safe to say that construction workers still have their job intact in the near future. However, when the majority of the building’s exterior was done by a machine (which, of course, is man-made), can we really be certain that the machines will not take over the construction industry in several decades to come?

What do you think of this technology and the house itself? Or do you have something to say regarding the technology advancement or property issues? Be sure to comment below and let us know!

“Beauty and the Beast” and its surrounding Controversies

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” has hit the theaters for everyone to enjoy, at least in most countries. As hyped as it is, some individuals are just not as excited due to issues regarding one of its characters, who is stated as the company’s first ‘exclusively-gay character’. Moreover, there will be an ‘exclusively-gay moment’ in the film, and the decision to include this scene has prompted various nations to face a dilemma regarding the film to present itself in its complete originality. So, what happened?

LeFou, Gaston’s sidekick in the movie, is a character uncertain of his sexuality as stated by the film’s director, Bill Condon. Nevertheless, it is worth to be noted that LeFou is not the movie’s primary antagonist, and he is a minor character, so there wouldn’t be any dominant scenes of him emphasizing his sexuality. For further clarification, Emma Watson, in her interview with Entertainment Weekly, stated that Josh’s (as LeFou) performance regarding the hinted sexuality is very subtle, and there aren’t any explicit statements regarding his being gay.

Figure 2. LeFou (left) as Gaston’s (right) sidekick.
Source: http://s2.r29static.com/bin/entry/85d/x,80/1755496/image.jpg

Nevertheless, a number of countries have taken the step against this showing of subtlety; a movie theater in Alabama has refused to show “Beauty and the Beast” due to the revelation, Russia had considered banning the movie since it does not support homosexuality, as subtle as it is, but decided to impose a rating on the film instead, restricting anyone aged below 16 to watch it. The most recently talked about country, however, is Malaysia. The country’s chairman of the censorship board, Abdul Halim, said that the film has been approved of being shown in the theaters with a minor cut to its supposedly gay moments. Disney refuses to not include the movie in its entirety, and has postponed the showing until March 30 depending on the response of the board.

Director Bill Condon stated his exhaustion in listening to the controversies generated by the inclusion of the character’s thoughts, saying that “it has been overblown”. He added that when people have seen the movie, they will know what it is all about. Condon also mentioned the diversities portrayed in the movie, such as interracial relationships, but sadly, the gay-controversies which was supposed to be a “teeny thing” is made to be too big of a problem.

Every nation has its own stance regarding the sexuality, even though the United States openly acknowledged and legalized the romantic relationships among men. Countries with strict religious beliefs are unlikely to green-lit the movie without any censorships (if they allow the film to air at all), but when a minor scene from a movie hinders millions of viewers from enjoying it, especially when there are no harms being done, it might be going too far. What is your take on this? share it with us!